Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend Home with daddy

We had such a great weekend with you being home with us. Too bad it went way too fast.

Sitting ontop of the parking garage waiting for your plane to land

Your finally here!!! Both kids were soo excited to see you! The closer it got to the day you came home the more they were asking and really wanting to see you. They were watching all the planes land trying to guess if you were on one them.

I really have realized how much i not only need you but how much i want you to always be with me. This has been a very long time apart for us and i couldnt wait for this weekend to just be near you!


Kids ontop of hilltop at resivior

Brad and two favorite guys ever!

Hailey loving on her daddy:)

I love this picture of us, too bad caiden is taking the picture or it would be complete

Riding the rides at the medina fair

Too bad i didnt catch you in mid air, this is right before the big bounce!

The weekend went too fast, before we knew it we were back at the airport watching you get on your plane. Hurry home to us we miss you already!

Sitting ontop of parking garage waiting to see your plane take off.

The kids were so excited knowing that you could see them, you got lots of kisses blown to you!

We sat and watched till your plane flew out of sight...we love you so much and cant wait for you to come home for good!

...and one more to add, I finally got you to pose for me and it turned out pretty damn good. You should be proud of your hard work in the gym, you look HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and your all mine!
Love ya babe!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

One last pictures that i forgot for ya...

Message from Hailey:
To daddy, I love you sooo sooo much, i'm sad that your gone and miss you. you'll be off work in 2 days and you will play with me, well actually 7 days and i'll miss you for 7 days...thats it daddy:)
Message from Caiden:
Hi Brad, i hope your having a good time in georgia and learning about trains. I miss you and me mom and Hailey will be there to pick you up when you get off the plane in 7 days. I love you!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

We have alot of pictures to show you from what the kids have been doing the last couple days.

Wednesday July 28:

Today we played at the daycare in the morning. Caiden stayed in my class with me and helped out, i had a full class with 13 kids and he really helped keep them busy. Hailey did so good in her own class. She was very proud of the story she made up from outer space! I was so proud of her for napping during naptime, it always takes stress off me when she falls asleep like the other kids do. Its still gonna take some time for her though!

We came home and played outside in the rain for awhile, both kids were catching raindrops in there mouth. Too bad it didnt rain hard enough to cancel my game but i ended up not going anyways so i could spend the evening with the kids.

Once it stopped raining we went to the trout farm in castalia that the kids have been telling me about. We took one loaf of bread (which wasnt enough) and the kids loved feeding all fish, birds and ducks.

There really may be half a million, your dad wasnt exaggerating...this time:).

Caiden kept holding the crackers (i found a box of graham crackers in my car and we fed those to the fish too) in his hand to feed the fish and they would jump out of water and get it from his hand. Hailey tried it once but wasnt all for that idea so she just kept throwing them to the baby ducks.

We came home after that and had a movie night in my bed, they watched, i slept. I was so tired i couldnt stay awake any longer!

Thursday July 29:

Went to daycare this morning and right afterwards had to run and get the tire looked at in the car. While we were waiting me and the kids went to mcdonalds and then ran across the street to millers for some ice cream. It was so cute, we were getting ready to cross the road and caiden was very worried about Hailey crossing such a busy road so he took her happy meal toy from her and her necklace that she was holding and made her get inbetween me and him and hold our hands. Even though some times they fight like they cant stand each other they do little things like that that really show how much they care!:

They had to get there picture taken in the dancing couple scene

Later that evening we went to a crick in Monroeville that the kids LOVED! We spent two hours skipping rocks and catching crawdads and tadpoles (which i was discusted by) caiden dipped his hands in the water when he saw a group of them and scooped up swimming tadpoles. Hailey was amazed!

Caiden skipping rocks. I cant believe how good he was!

Hailey learning to skip rocks, caiden taught her and by her 3rd or 4th try she got it to skip twice across the water. She was pretty proud of herself and caiden was pretty proud of his teaching skills!

Searching for crawdads...

...they found one and we trapped it inbetween rocks so it wouldnt get away from us.

The kids knee deep in the water
went in a couple times when i had to but i liked to stay above the water...This was my idea of "swimming" in the crick:)
We went and played at the park for awhile to try and dry off since the kids decided to go swimming in there clothes. Finally I got both of them in the car and ready to go home. On the way home Hailey showed her sweetness to caiden by saying "thank you bubby for showing me the crawdads, I lub you!!
We all layed on the couch together and watched americas funniest home videos till the kids fell asleep. I love my evenings off with them, we need to remember that the most fun things for the kids to do involves very little or no money and all of our time with just them. Both of them are asking to go again when you can go with us, so you better be ready to take your shoes off and get dirty and smelly!

I hope everything is going okay for you there. Things have been so busy here i hardly have a moment to myself, but it is making the weeks pass by very fast

Just remember that i miss you and am waiting for you to come home to me!!!
I love you

♥Always Kell

Thursday, July 15, 2010

July 15

No new posts or pics from today, i'm tired and being lazy so maybe tomorrow. I do want to tell you that I love you and cant wait for you to come home and visit. It really is alot to take on when your used to splitting everything with someone. I really do appreciate all that you do around here, i've noticed with you being gone that i may not give you enough credit for all that you do.

One week down...5 more to go

Miss you and love you!!!
♥ Kell

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 14 2010

Today was such a long day, i could've really used you here at home to give me and my nerves a break!

We went back and fourth to norwalk but finally got everything figured out for my job. Oh by the way i did have to use your checkbook at the docs office for 20.00. They charge a fee for debit cards and of course i had your money with me:)

We stopped at the park in monroeville on our way home the 2nd time and me and the kids played for awhile. There is 3 slides connected together so we were racing down all of them!

I would've been on the 3rd slide but someone had to take the picture.

After that the kids made supper for us.. all by themselves and even did the dishes for me after we ate. I'm training them pretty good while your gone. It's not child labor if it's your own children.

Haileys last tball game was tonight and she did so good again. She is really starting to like playing. She knows where to run and hits the ball almost everytime on the first try. I have alot
of pictures to show you from her last game, i couldnt decide which ones i liked best!

Hailey down and ready!

Good hit hay!!!

She always has time to pose for the camera
Hailey had her own team ray fan club cheering her on throughout the entire was so cute and Hailey loved it. The boys were all giving her advice and the girls were cheering and clapping for her!:)
Had to give some high fives after scoring
All that hard work paid off...she got her taffy. When I took this picture she told me she smiled for daddy so he could see her reward!!!
Caiden asked if we were going to be driving to see you soon. I told him that you were probably just going to fly home and see us...he's okay with that but was hoping we could all stay together in a hotel room. He said that he loves doing that with you, me and hay!
He also told me that you are a much better mower than i am, i guess i take to long to get the whole yard done.

Me and Hailey went to a garage sale today where they had a small black locomotive for sale and she wanted to buy it and put it on top of her bed because thats what daddy works on. (i didnt let her get though cause it had cologne in it that smelled really bad and i didnt want her dumping it everywhere)

Both kids really have been so good so far. They still fight like normal and obvisously have there "moments" but they are such good kids. I'm finding that it's definatley harder to be a single parent but it also makes you very close to your children because theres no one else here to do it. I guess that means that once you get back i need to go on a mini vacation so you can bond with the kids...right?

I should probably get to bed so i'm not dead tired tomorrow. It's gonna be another busy day, i'm going to try and take the kids swimming inbetween work and baseball. It's supposed to be really hot out.

Hope your having a good time (but not too good). Buy me something pretty!

Miss you and love you!!!
♥ Kell

Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday July 12

We had a busy day today. Mommy and Hailey went to daycare and Hailey got to play outside all day with her new friends. After daycare we went and picked caiden up from his dads and went to wendys to eat. While we were there Hailey burped the loudest burp that anyone there had ever heard come from a little girl and everyone in the resturant was laughing at her...of course she loved to be the center of attention:)

We went to gymnastics after that and Hailey wore her new outfit...

After gymnastics we went to the library for storytime. Hailey did so good, sang every song and played along with everything that miss courtney did. Caiden stayed out on the computers and was learning all about parts inside your body and them poking them to see how squishy they were.

We came home for the night and Caiden had to play his basketball game which hes positive that by the time you get back he will be better than you since you wont be able to practice at all while your there.

Message from Caiden :
Hi brad, how are you doing in Georgia? Cant wait for you to come home so we can play football because mom doesnt know how to throw right. and i've been practicing basketball so i can kick your a**!!! hahaha
I love you!
Message from Hailey:
Hi daddy! I love you, kiss me. I did good at gymnastics. Be careful on the trains
I love you and i hug you and i kiss you and smell my feet. (followed by her crazy laugh)

I love you Brad! Call me when you get off work!